10 Oct. 16

Join Peterson Plumbing to Stop Bullying

Join Peterson Plumbing to Stop Bullying

stop bullyingPeterson Plumbing believes it’s important our communities understand how bullying affects all of us. While most of the repercussions of intimidation and violence are associated with children, anyone can experience the negative impact of being bullied.

Victims have been known to suffer from anxiety, depression, sadness and loss of interest in work, studies, and hobbies.  Sufferers have seen negative changes in their health. Bullying needs to stop!

Bullying has to be a matter we all confront to ensure victims feel protected and safe. During the month of October, we hope everyone who reads these words will join Peterson Plumbing in the fight against bullying by participating in and promoting the following events.

National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

October brings together schools and organizations around the country in hopes of educating and encouraging communities to stop bullying, cyberbullying and to give victims the courage to step forward.

Run, Walk, or Roll Against Bullying – October 6th

Sponsored by PACER and the National Bullying Prevention Center, Run, Walk, or Roll Against Bullying looks to raise awareness while engaging in fun activities for the whole family.

Freedom from Workplace Bullying – October 14th-20th

Freedom from Workplace Bullying hopes to get adults to get past the potential shame that keeps them silent and seek out help. Let’s inspire witnesses to step forward, take a stand and make the workplace safe from bullying for everyone.

Unity Day – October 10th

CustomInk and PACER are sponsoring this event for the sixth straight year. Wear an orange shirt or get CustomInk’s official “Be United” shirt and show your support for inclusion, kindness, and acceptance.

Stop Bullying Bystanders – October 14th-20th

Bystanders can play key roles in preventing and stopping bullying. This event is to remind witnesses not to ignore bullying or other signs of violence.

National Stop Bullying Day – October 12th

Stop workplace bullyingThis event encourages everyone to spread the word about the dangers of bullying through #NationalStopBullyingDay.

It’s a great way to get the conversation started and maybe help a few victims find the courage to speak up.

We need to remove the stigma to hide when we’re being bullied. Bullying can affect people for their entire lives, even long after the victims have left their bullies in the past.

We need the generous spirit of people ready to support the cause and make a difference. We’re asking every parent, student, co-worker, business, school and politician to decide what they can do to help.

Attend an event, educate your children, make sure local schools are doing the same, stand up for someone, report the bullying, or donate money or your time to an anti-bullying organization.

Peterson Plumbing hopes you join us to stop bullying. Come by our offices in Grand Junction, CO or give us call (970) 399-7063 to talk about it or our plumbing and HVAC services.