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Your safety and comfort top our priorities. Don’t let your plumbing or HVAC problems ruin your day or delay your plans. Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drains is your home maintenance team with your best interests in mind. We are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of our team members, our clients and our community.

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    If you decide to go ahead with our proposed solution, our talented technicians will then carry out the service to code, ensuring your long-term safety and comfort.
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    One of our friendly representatives will greet you when you call. They will listen to your situation and schedule you for immediate service. An experienced technician will arrive at your property on time, with the right solution.
  • ImgOptions that Meet Your Needs
    Once we have identified the main issue, we will present you with honest recommendations that we would use in our own homes if a similar situation arose. These are not solutions that are designed to gouge you – they are what we feel to be the best fit for your particular situation.

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    At Peterson Plumbing, our highly-trained technicians are ready to help maintain, repair and install all your plumbing, heating and cooling needs.
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    Scheduling your annual inspection can save your from costly, stressful plumbing, heating and cooling failures.

    Plumbing Whole House
    Furnaces and Boilers
    Air Conditioning Units and Evaporative Coolers
    Water Heaters: Tank and Tankless Units

    If you have any plumbing needs, simply call our efficient and reliable plumbers

    Quick and Reliable Repair.All Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Needs


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      About Us

      Our licensed plumbers and HVAC technicians will perform all services including:

      In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are :

      What Our Client Says

      Default Avatar55
      Eugene Andrews

      Great job , explained everything to me . Very courteous and clean . Job done in a timely manner. Thank you very much

      Default Avatar55
      Stephen Clemmer

      The technician was fantastic. His attention to detail was exactly what we were looking for and it gave us complete confidence that the work was done correctly. We will definitely use Peterson for our future needs.

      Default Avatar55
      Cormac Sookram

      Very knowledgeable, properly evaluated our heating needs and preferences and gave us a reasonable quote.

      Default Avatar55
      Donna Wells

      John did quite a lot of work for me a few days ago and I found him to be very hard working, honest and thorough. I enjoyed him coming because he did his work well. I am enjoying the fruits of his labor....especially the beautiful new faucet in the kitchen.

      Default Avatar55
      Vicki McGee

      Thank you Peterson Plumbing for coming to our rescue! Thank you for not only fixing our issue, but for your true compassion for our situation! It was wonderful to know without a doubt that we could count on you!!! You are the best!!!

      Default Avatar55
      LuluRose Ashmun

      John Nuncio arrived ahead of schedule (thankfully) and took care of my Breeze Air on a very hot day. He was friendly, genuinely kind, and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure doing business with him. Thank you!

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