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    Water Filtration System Installation & Repair Services

    When you need water filtration system installation and repair in Grand Junction, CO be sure to call Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drains at 970-399-7063. 

    Water-Filtration-System-Installation-Repair-Peterson-Plumbing-Heating-and-Cooling-Grand-Junction_COMaking sure that the water your family drinks is clean and safe to drink is one of the easiest ways that you can ensure that they are healthy and safe. If the water supplied to your home contains calcium and mineral deposits, or if you have “hard” water, then investing in a water filtration system can drastically improve the taste, quality, and purity of the water you use.

    How Do You Benefit From a Water Filtration System?

    If you’ve tasted “hard” water, you know that it tastes unpleasant, but did you know that it can also cause damage to your appliances, leave unsightly mineral deposits on your pipes, fixtures, faucets, tubs, sinks, and even affect your health? That’s why the technicians at Peterson Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling are available to help you install a water filtration system to help keep your water as clean and free from minerals as possible.

    Besides improving the taste of your water, installing a filtration system can also include:

    • Having the cleanest water possible for washing, cooking, and drinking.
    • The removal of chlorine from your water
    • Drinking clean water has positive health benefits
    • Never replacing your appliances and faucets due to mineral buildup

    What Are Your Water Filtration Options?

    Below are a few options available to you to improve the quality of your water:

    Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse osmosis is an advanced and relatively new form of water filtration which works by forcing your water through a semipermeable membrane that only allows water to pass through and keeping microscopic impurities from passing through.

    Carbon Filters

    These systems pass the water through a compacted block of carbon. The carbon filters out impurities because the molecules in the contaminants either bind to or are absorbed by the carbon filter.

    UV Filters

    In this method, UV radiation is used to destroy bacteria and viruses present in the water. This approach doesn’t use chemicals or membranes, so it won’t change the original constitution of the water. However, it is very low-maintenance.

    Chemical Feed Filtration

    This system utilizes a chemical holding tank and a water purification tank, where water is mixed with the chemical purification solution. This method is customizable, versatile, and costs less to install than many other filtration systems.

    Get the purest water possible by investing in our services. We’ll help by providing water filtration system installation and repairs; just call 970-399-7063.

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