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Water Filtration Systems
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Water Filtration System Installation & Repair Services

When you need water filtration system installation and repair in Grand Junction, CO, and the surrounding areas be sure to call the expert technicians at Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Drains.

Making sure that the water your family drinks is clean and safe to drink is one of the easiest ways that you can ensure that they are healthy and safe. If the water supplied to your home contains calcium and mineral deposits, or if you have “hard” water, then investing in a water filtration or conditioning system can drastically improve the taste, quality, and purity of the water you use.

How Do You Benefit From a Water Filtration System?

If you’ve tasted “hard” water, you know that it tastes unpleasant, but did you know that it can also cause damage to your appliances, leave unsightly mineral deposits on your pipes, fixtures, faucets, tubs, sinks, and even affect your health? That’s why the technicians at Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Drains are available for water filtration system installation to keep your water as clean and free from minerals as possible.

Besides improving the taste of your water, installing a filtration system can include many other benefits:

  • Clean water is always available for washing, cooking, and drinking
  • Removal of chlorine and other harmful chemicals from your water
  • Additional positive health benefits that can include preserving your skin’s natural oils
  • Appliance lifespan is extended due to the removal of chemicals

What Are Your Water Filtration Options?

Halo ION 2.0

Whole House Water Conditioning System

The proprietary HALO ION 2.0 In-line Water Conditioner uses multi-reversing polarity permanent magnetic fields to alter the molecular structure of positively and negatively charged ions of dissolved calcium and magnesium. This causes the hard water minerals that would normally cause limescale to stay suspended in the water instead of attacking pipes and appliances. The conditioned water also helps prevent corrosion due to scale and will dissolve existing scale formations over time. This system requires no drain or electricity and is connected to your existing pipes.


Whole House Water Filtration & Conditioning

  • Solves hard water and chlorine problems
  • Inhibits scale and corrosion
  • No more chlorine damage
  • No more bad taste or smell
  • No more bottled water

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

Premium grade acid-washed GAC for the general removal of chlorine, chloramines, gases, dyes, fuels, heavy metals, man-made pollutants, disinfectants, pesticides, TTHM, sodium hypochlorite, undesirable odors, undesirable taste and volatile organic contaminants.

High Activity Carbon (HAC)

HAC is an outstanding material for successfully reducing free chlorine from water supplies. The end product is clean, fresh water with no objectionable taste or odor characteristics. Additionally, HAC can be used for filtering waters having a wide range of pH levels and will impart a high “polish” to the filtered water.

Filter-AG Plus®

HALO Ag Plus is an all-natural, environmentally safe media with a large surface area and microporous structure. It is a highly efficient filter media for the reduction of suspended matter down to the 5 micron or less range and is thus, extremely effective at removing water turbidity.

High Density Garnet Filter Media

Garnet is a high hardness, high density granular filtration media that can effectively filter down to the 10-20 micron range. It also provides an excellent support bed for the other filtration media.

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Water Conditioning & Water Softener System Services

Colorado is known nationwide for its pristine drinking water. In Grand Junction, most of our water comes down from the Mesa and has few contaminants from humans. However, some of us are not on Grand Junction or Montrose’s municipal water system and must deal with contaminants from fertilizers, minerals in the ground, and hard water problems.

Our expert plumbers have the specialized training to discern the problem with your water and can develop customized solutions for your home and water needs. Not every problem with poor water quality is the same, and our extensive experience will be at your disposal to find a solution.

How Do You Know If You Need Water Conditioning?

Our plumbing experts and Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Drains carry out specialized water tests to determine this, but here are some telltale signs to look out for on your own:

  • Stained showers, tubs, and sinks
  • Spotted glasses, dishes, and shower glass
  • Corroded plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Water that tastes “weird” (“eggy” or “metallic”)
  • Skin irritation after showers – think “itchy” or “tingly”

How Water Softeners Can Save You Money

One money-sucker that we often see is hard water buildup in water heaters. Think of the problem like dust buildup in a car engine. Your car wouldn’t last long and neither will water heaters with mineral buildup. Of course, we recommend cleaning the inside of your water heater annually. But if you want your water heater to last the length of its warranty, water conditioning is a must.

Hard water – water with minerals in it – will damage your plumbing fixtures and appliances over time. The cost of a water conditioning system is a fraction of replacing all of your home’s plumbing.

Water that passes through a softening system makes it easier and more effective to wash your dishes and laundry with less detergent. Does your washing machine seem to make all your clothes come out looking drab? That’s because you have hard water. Water conditioning can save your clothes and keep them brighter, fresher, and cleaner.

Your plumbing fixtures will last longer with conditioned water. Think of running hard water through your faucets like using a sandblaster – all those minerals do a lot of damage!

Is Water Conditioning Right For You?

If you are not sure what your water issues are, call Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Drains today. We can test your water on-site and let you know what sort of condition it’s in. Once we have diagnosed your water issues, we will help you come up with a plan that fits your needs and budget. You will be surprised how affordable water conditioning can be!

Get the purest water possible by investing in our water filtration and conditioning system installation and repair services today!

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Plumbing FAQS

If you’ve never shut off the water to your home, you probably don’t know where to locate your main water shut-off valve. This piece of information is important to have, since you may need to shut off your water in a hurry during an emergency.

If you experience a burst pipe or need to make repairs to a leak, shutting off the water to the house may be the first logical step. If you are going to be out of town, it’s also a good idea to shut off the water to ensure your home is flood-free when you return. Call us today for a Courtesy Plumbing Inspection and we will show you the location and tag it for you.

In order to maximize the life span of your water heater, you should always follow proper maintenance scheduling and fix any problems immediately. Drain your water heater at least once a year for the best results. A water heater could last you anywhere between 5-12 years depending on usage and maintenance.

Usually, drains are clogged because people are not careful of what they put in them, especially in the kitchen. Other drains, like in the bathroom, get clogged because of the oil residue from soaps, shampoos and hair. It is recommended that you are conscious of what you put down your drains and treat them regularly with a professional grade drain cleaner.

On rare occasions, your toilet will begin to bubble when you drain the bathtub. This happens when your septic tank is full or when roots have punctured plumbing pipes underground. Call us and we can camera the line to see what is causing this.

Drain cleaners are usually very toxic, not a good thing to keep around the home, especially if you have children or pets. These toxic chemicals also have a negative effect on your pipes, causing deterioration from the inside out. When this happens, the drains lines will need to be replaced. There are various products on the market that contain “friendly” bacteria and enzymes. These work great for keeping drain sludge and grease from building up on the pipes. For serious clogs give us a call.

Have you noticed an unpleasant odor drifting through your home? You didn’t burn dinner. You just cleaned the house. Still, for some reason, your home smells like the sewer. You can try to cover up the stench with scented candles, but this probably isn’t the best solution. This smell is typically caused by one of three reasons:

Sewer trap plugs. Missing or loose sewer trap plugs are the most common cause of indoor sewer smell. Your sewer access pit contains a house trap. This is a U-shaped piece that traps water to serve as a barrier between the city sewer and your home. If the plug on this trap is poorly fitted or gone entirely, public sewer odor can travel into your home. 

Dried trap. If the water in the U-trap has dried up, it no longer acts as a barrier to the sewer odor. Run some water into the trap to recreate the barrier. This should eliminate the odor.

City sewer. Is the odor coming from outside? A sewer smell outdoors can indicate the city sewer is experiencing major plumbing problems, not your home. However, if the smell persists, it may be due to the drains from your house. Give us a call and we can determine your sewer smell.

Often, walls and flooring hide small leaks, making them undetectable. The first detectable sign might be when the water finds its way through the floor into the light fixture. If this happens, you have a leak somewhere nearby. This is a common plumbing emergency. Take the following steps to correct it.

Don’t touch it. Do not touch the light fixture or try to drain the water from it. Avoid using the fixture’s switch, too. Remember, water and electricity are not friends.

Cut the power. Instead of turning off the light, go directly to your home’s breaker box and shut off the power.

Cut the water. If you find the source of the water, such as an overflowing sink or washing machine, shut off the water supply there. If you aren’t sure where the source is, turn off the water supply at your home’s main shut-off valve and call us.

Is laundry day starting to sound like a percussion band? Modern appliances often work so quickly they cause pipes to jerk as the water pressure changes. If the pipes are not fastened tightly, they may move around and cause banging noises. If this banging continues, it can wear out the pipes and cause damage. It’s also very annoying to listen to.

To prevent the pipes from banging, you can do one of three things:

Locate the pipes making the noise and add pipe straps to hold them in place. You can find these at any store that sells plumbing supplies.

If you are unable to access the pipes, you can install water hammer arrestors. These shock absorbers cushion the change in water pressure, so the pipes don’t jerk and bang.

You can call us to investigate the problem and find a solution for you.

High water pressure—that is, pressure over 65 psi, or pounds per square inch—is too hard on your home’s internal pipes and fittings. If your home has high water pressure, there will be signs indicating the pressure is too high. It is important to pay attention to these signs so you can remedy the problem before the high-water pressure ends up damaging your home’s pipes, water heater, toilets or shutoff valve. Symptoms of high-water pressure in a house include:

A knocking, banging or hammering noise coming from the pipes when you turn on a faucet in the house (this is known as a “water hammer”).

Leaky faucets.

Irregular water pressure in your showers and sinks, or water that comes out in spurts.

Water-using appliances that fail prematurely, such as a water heater, clothes washing machine or a dishwasher with an unusually short lifespan.

Toilets that run constantly or in cycles, even when they aren’t in use.

If you suspect you have symptoms of high-water pressure in your house give us a call today to test your pressure and give you a solution.

Our Promise

Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drains is committed to providing Grand Junction and surrounding areas the best service possible. We guarantee quality workmanship and value for all your home comfort and maintenance needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our expert technicians and staff guarantee friendly and professional interactions, transparent pricing, written warranties on all our systems and products, and fast and reliable service, every time.

For satisfaction-guaranteed service, call today at 970-399-7063! Enjoy the best value in plumbing, heating, and cooling in Grand Junction, CO and the surrounding areas.