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Eliminate Uneven Cooling In Your Home Today with these 3 Easy Tips

eliminate-uneven-cooling---thermostat Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drains Have you been struggling to adequately cool your home during the summer months? If you’ve been noticing a noticeable difference in temperature when you walk from one room to another or when you move between levels of your multi-story residence, then your HVAC system may be having problems evenly distributing cool, comfortable air throughout your home.

Suffering from uneven cooling isn’t just uncomfortable; it can also drive up your energy costs as your cooling system overworks to compensate for the uneven temperature, and it can cause your air conditioner to wear out and break down faster.

How can you reduce uneven cooling, keep your energy costs low, and minimize strain on your HVAC system? Read on to find out three easy ways:

1. Increase Your Attic Insulation

Most homeowners rarely give their attic insulation a second thought, but it plays a vital role in temperature control inside their homes. Insulation not only keeps outdoor air from getting into their homes, but it also prevents the air indoors from escaping out into the world.

This means that if you have inadequate insulation or if your insulation isn’t the appropriate kind for your region, you may be allowing valuable, cool air to escape through your home’s roof.

2. Check Your Air Ducts for Leaks

Your air ducts are the components of your home’s heating and cooling system, which are responsible for transferring air throughout your home and from room to room. When this system works perfectly, you can enjoy consistent and even temperatures throughout your home, but if it becomes compromised, then you may begin experiencing issues with inconsistent temperatures.

Holes and tears in your air ducts can cause air to leak out into unwanted areas, resulting in uneven air distribution and forcing your system to work harder to produce consistent temperatures.

eliminate-uneven-cooling---airducts Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drains 3. Invest in a Zoning System for Your Home

Zoning systems allow you to have complete control over different areas of your home and provide the opportunity to create custom “zones” that can be heated or cooled independently of one another.

When installing your zoning system, be sure to discuss the appropriate zones with your cooling technician, as they can help you identify the rooms or areas of your home that may need special attention and their own “zones” to stay comfortable. For example, a zoning system allows you to keep bedrooms on the second storey of your home cooler and more comfortable for sleep than your basement.

For professional assistance with eliminating uneven cooling in your Grand Junction, CO home contact your local HVAC experts at Peterson Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling. We’re just a phone call away, so dial 970-399-7063 and enjoy the comfort that comes with cool, controlled indoor temperatures now.