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Water Conditioning & Water Softener System Services

Are you struggling with hard water problems? On a well system and need filtration services? Call Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drains at 970-399-7063 for professional water conditioning solutions in Grand Junction, CO and surrounding areas.
Water Conditioning & Water Softener Services Peterson Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Grand Junction, CO
Colorado is known nationwide for its pristine drinking water. In Grand Junction, most of our water comes down from the Mesa and has few contaminants from humans. However, some of us are not on Grand Junction or Montrose’s municipal water system and must deal with contaminants from fertilizers, minerals in the ground, and hard water problems.

As anyone on their own well in Mesa, Delta, or Montrose counties can attest to – not all Colorado water is pristine.

Peterson Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is the “source” for water conditioning expertise in Western Colorado.

Our expert plumbers have the specialized training to discern if the problem is from external factors – or from old plumbing in your home. We can develop customized solutions for your home and water needs. Not every problem with poor water quality is the same, and our extensive experience will be at your disposal to find a solution.

So how so you know if you need water conditioning? We carry out specialized water tests, but here are some telltale signs to look out for on your own:

  • Stained showers, tubs and sinks.
  • Spotted glasses, dishes and shower glass.
  • Corroded plumbing fixtures and appliances.
  • Water that tastes “weird” (“eggy” or “metallic”).
  • Skin irritation after showers – think “itchy” or “tingly.”

How Water Softeners Can Save You Money

  • One money-sucker that we often see is hard water buildup in water heaters. Think of the problem like dust buildup in a car engine. Your car wouldn’t last long and neither will water heaters with mineral buildup. Of course, we recommend cleaning the inside of your water heater annually. But if you want your water heater to last the length of its warranty, water conditioning is a must.
  • Hard water – water with minerals in it – will damage your plumbing fixtures and appliances over time. The cost of a water conditioning system is a fraction of replacing all of your home’s plumbing.
  • Water that passes through a softening system makes it easier and more effective to wash your dishes and laundry with less detergent. Does your washing machine seem to make all your clothes come out looking drab? That’s because you have hard water. Water conditioning can save your clothes and keep them brighter, fresher, and cleaner.
  • Your plumbing fixtures will last longer with conditioned water. Think of running hard water through your faucets like using a sand-blaster – all those minerals do a lot of damage!

Why Invest in Water Conditioning?

If you are not sure what your water issues are, call Peterson today. We can test your water on-site and let you know what sort of condition it’s in. Once we have diagnosed your water issues, we will help you come up with a plan that fits your needs and budget. You will be surprised how affordable water conditioning can be!

Call Peterson today at 970-399-7063 to start enjoying cleaner, fresher, and healthier water.


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