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Home Improvement Projects to Complete Before the 4th of July

Home Improvement Projects to Complete Before the 4th of July

Preparing Your Home

summer-gardening Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drains With the 4th of July weekend just around the corner, its time to get your home ready for the star-spangled celebration.

There is no better time for all those home improvements you have been dying to get done.

Your home should be up-to-date before you host your friends and family. So here are a few home improvements projects that you can tackle.

Clean the deck

A clean deck is the rich, inviting hallmark of your yard. A sparkling clean, well-maintained deck can be very inviting.

Other than the fresh look, cleaning your deck maintains the integrity of the wood and provides a longer deck life.

It is, therefore, important you make sure that your deck is safe and clean before the holiday weekend.

On that account, there is no better time to give your deck a thorough cleaning as the 4th of July weekend approaches. Here are simple steps to cleaning your deck.

Step 1 – Preparation

Prepare to clean your deck by getting rid of anything that could get in your way. Remove all the potted plants and the patio furniture. If you have fragile plants in the ground near your deck, cover them lightly to protect them from any potential disturbance.

Step 2 – Sweep your deck

Simply get rid of debris by sweeping them into a trash bag. Use a slender tool to remove any debris that is trapped in between the deck boards.

Step 3 – Hose off/power-wash your deck

Wash the surface of your deck using your garden hose with a spray attachment. Aim directly at the muddied spots using the highest setting on the sprayer to remove as much dirt as possible. Rince your deck, beginning at one end and continuing until the entire deck is rinsed.

Step 4 – Cleanse your deck

Use a solution of water and a laundry detergent or a commercial cleaner. Apply the solution to the deck and scrub it using a push broom or a long-handled brush with stiff bristles. Rince off the deck with plain water to remove the cleaning solution.

Step 5- Bleach

If your deck has algae or mildew growth bleach it with a solution of 1 part bleach to 4 parts water. Allow the bleach to sit for 10-15 minutes depending on how old the growth is. Scrub the area once again and rinse it clean.

Persistent areas will require a second bleach scrub. Allow the area to dry before treating it again. Allow your deck to dry completely before applying a sealant. It may take 2-3 full days to dry.

Step 6 – Reseal your deck

Purchase a wood sealer based on your preference and needs. A good sealer should include a waterproofing agent that offer your deck a year-round protection. Follow the directions on the sealant as you apply it.

Step 7- Redecorate

Once your sealer has dried off, go ahead and replace your furniture along with your potted flowers or any other items you wish to keep.

Clean Outdoor Grills

The memorial weekend offers the most pleasurable time to barbecue. But have you cleaned up your grill? To clean a gas grill, turn the heat to maximum, close the lid and leave it on for 25 minutes. Wait until it has cooled down to clean the racks with a grill brush. For the exterior, clean with warm water or a gentle cleanser.

To clean a charcoal grill, empty the old charcoal and ashes and wash the entire grill with hot water and dishwasher soap. Allow it to dry completely.

Clean your windows

Windows naturally light and brighten your home and have a significant effect on how people perceive your home. They also affect the overall heat efficiency of your home.

To self-clean your windows, invest in a good squeegee that has a long handle. You can use soapy water or glass cleaner, whatever you preference may be. You can also schedule a window cleaning service for a thorough and a convenient clean.

Check Your Outside Faucets

2 Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drains Winter is over! It’s time to turn your outside faucets on to wash and spray off the patio, clean your windows and run water for yard work purposes in the preparation for the 4th of July holiday.

As you enjoy this time in your yard, be sure to take all the necessary steps to guarantee you don’t end up with a flooded basement that could cause a costly mess. Outside faucets are prone to freeze damage, and it’s important to make sure that they are in good working conditions. Turn on the outside faucet and let it run while you go back inside the basement to check for any leaks.

Check Your Air Conditioning

Summer extends throughout the month of July. Therefore, The 4th of July celebrations are at the peak month of summer. Check to see that your air conditioning is cooling properly before your weekend holiday.

Schedule an inspection for your home’s central A/C system. Remove debris on your window units and clean the filters before turning them on. Also, clean the blades of your ceiling fans with a damp piece of cloth.

Lawn Care Tips

During the 4th of July celebrations, the weather is usually nice and sunny. At this time of the year, you need to prepare your lawn for the fun and traffic of the holiday weekend. Here are a few care tips that will get your lawn in shape for the holiday.

  • Lawns love the sun: clean all leaves, debris or branches from your yard.
  • Fill up all bare spots with an early germinating seed after raking up all the dead grass.
  • 1 Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drains Test your soil for nutrients, PH, and mineral levels to learn what your soil is deprived oand add the recommended amount.
  • Core aerate your lawn to open the soil for healthier plants.
  • Apply fertilizer to enhance plant growth.
  • Have your sprinkler system up and working.

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