22 Mar. 16

5 Things You Should be Thinking About When Hiring a Plumber

Plumbing problems are very common in many Grand Junction homes. You are likely to call the plumber more times that you would call any other professional for repairs. Any plumbing problem, however small it may seem, could mess your life. You can fix some minor problems. However, get a professional plumbing contractor to handle complex and small problems that keep recurring.

The quality of the work done depends on professionalism and other qualities as stated below.

Grand Junction, CO bathroom_remodelingMake Sure Your Plumber is Licensed Bonded and Insured

You should hire a plumber who is licensed to work in your town. The license is a confirmation that the plumber is genuine and is qualified to work on plumbing problems. The license number is conspicuously printed in the advertisements on the vehicle and in all formal communications that you shall have with the plumber.

Plumbers have access to your private life as they work at systems deep into the house. You need a guarantee that your possessions, as well as you, are safe with the plumber in the house. A bonded company guarantees that you are safe as well as your possessions.

Plumbing is a risky job that may lead to injuries and damage to the property. You do not want to be held responsible when a worker gets injured while repairing your water systems. Thus, only hire plumbers that have valid liability insurance. The policy pays for damages and repairs to your home that arises from the actions of the plumber as well as medical bills and related costs arising from injury to the worker or any other resident.

Experience is Essential for Quality

Apart from the license, the experience possessed by a plumber matters a great deal when it comes to the quality of work. Experienced plumbers have most likely than not tackled all the common plumbing problems at home at some point in their career. Thus, they are more likely to give a lasting solution. On the other hand, an inexperienced plumber may be using trial and error method while looking for solutions that could apply to your plumbing problems. An experienced plumber may be a little expensive, but he is worth the added cost.

It is important to ask for a few references to ascertain the experience of a firm. Request for a list of a few clients that have been served by the firm in the recent past. You may call one or two clients to get firsthand information on the quality of work. Expect to hear a few complaints on the way. It is okay to have one or two complaints. However, ask if the problems were resolved. A test of competency is to address customer complaints promptly.

If you have large projects, consider asking for the technical team credentials along with copies of the professional organizations that they belong with the quotation. Ask the plumbing firms to bid for the projects and include the relevant information. This way, you will be able to vet every single plumber that will be working on your project.

Understand Your Plumbers’ Pricing Structures

Different plumbing firms have different pricing structures. Some charge a flat rate (that does not increase with extended time). Others charge an hourly rate and some may add a contingency fee. An hourly rate may be expensive if the repair work goes beyond the expected number of hours. Request a breakdown of the costs into areas such as the materials, and labor among others.

A professional plumber must come to your home and conduct a survey of the job at hand before giving you quote. This helps avoid cutting corners should the cost of the repair go over and above the estimated costs.

Request to know the terms of pay. There are plumbers that request for pay beforehand. Others will set milestone before asking for pay especially if they are working on a large project. A large number would accept to be paid on completion. Consider all the points along with the final cost and select the best.

Response Time is the Difference Between a Good Plumber and a Great OneChoosing a Plumbing Contractor in Grand Junction, CO

Sometimes you will need a plumber to fix emergency problems such as pipe bursts and blocked toilets. Consider having a phone number of an emergency plumber who you can reach at any time when there is a plumbing emergency. It is recommended that you hire plumbers within your locality to reduce the distance covered to your home. Besides, you may look at the customer reviews on a reputable plumbing contractor in your area. Pick firms that have positive reviews on timeliness. Quick service may save you from a lot more damage that may be caused burst sewerage or water piping system.

Pay Attention to Guarantees and Warranty

Many professional plumbers in Grand Junctions guarantee their work, but not all. A plumber may guarantee for the hardware or/and the workmanship, so it’s important to be clear on the details before making your choice. Ask if the selected plumbers offer a written guarantee agreement for the work done. It is much easier to follow up if something happens during the warranty period with a written agreement that the verbal agreement.

Material guarantees mostly come from the manufacturers and passed over to you. An authorized parts dealer many get such a warranty for you.

Be keen on the guarantees provided by the plumber. He or she may guarantee the labor but not the hardware or vice versa. This means that you will be forced to pay for either labor or materials in case of a breakdown.

If you have a plumbing problem in your Grand Junction home, consider hiring a professional plumber rather than attempting repairs by yourself.

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