04 Mar. 21

Nature Johnston

John Nuncio, Service Specialist
After spending two-thirds of a day in a panicked state waiting for another plumbing company to respond as promised, I called Peterson and they had a tech out within a half-hour. John Nuncio quickly diagnosed the problem of a leak running from the upstairs toilet, down through the dining room ceiling below it and into the basement. Was it a water line leak? Sewer line? Did my dining room ceiling have to be dismantled to find the leak? Nope. John quickly identified the issue as a clogged toilet line and had it fixed within about 90 minutes. As he explored the problem, he kept me updated on the eventual cost, noting that if the simple fix didn't clear the line, a more detailed approach would be necessary and would cost more, but not a significant amount. Indeed, it was a massive clog, caused by a household member (a child) flushing something that didn't belong in the toilet. A job that I thought could have run into the thousands of dollars given 100-year-old plumbing and the possibility of significant drywall ceiling repair, cost less than $400. Besides his excellence as a plumber, John was courteous, professional, and an all-around-pleasure to work with. Thank you, John and Peterson, for turning panic into peace.