Clogged Toilet Repair Services from Reliable Plumbers

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Clogged Toilet Repair Peterson Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Grand Junction, COWhile a clogged toilet may not seem like a pressing issue, if left untreated these clogs can lead to plumbing emergencies such as burst pipes and ruptured and leaking sewer lines, which can be messy, unpleasant, and often expensive to fix. Instead of risking your time and your money, call in one of our plumbing specialists for help unclogging your toilet and preventing pressure from building up in your pipes.

Dealing With Recurring Toilet Clogs? Let Us Help

If your toilet has had issues flushing, problems filling the tank, or sounds like it is always running, then it’s time to call Peterson Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling for a professional inspection of your sewer line.

In many cases where homeowners are experiencing problems with their toilets, the issue is caused by a buildup of sludge, grease, hair, and other items which have been flushed down the line and have formed a large clog that can’t be removed with a plunger.

Other times tree roots are the “root” cause of the problem, as they tend to infiltrate sewer lines and pipes while searching for water. Roots and severe blockages are impossible for homeowners to remove successfully on their own and require professional servicing.

When you need help removing a clog from the toilet in your Grand Junction, CO home, call us for professional hydrojetting services. We’ll scrape the inside of your sewer line clean with high-pressure water techniques and leave your toilet working perfectly.

We Do Minor Repairs, Too

Your toilet is just as heavily-used as any other appliance in your home, which means that it is just as likely to be prone to issues due to wear and tear, such as loose handles, and a slow-filling tank. These may not seem like significant issues, but problems with your plumbing system can drastically drive up your water bill in a short amount of time. Continuously running water doesn’t just cost you more on your water bill, it also puts a significant deal of strain on your plumbing system overall, leading to more leaks and the potential for emergencies.

Some professional toilet repair services we can help you with are:

  • Loose handles
  • Low water flow
  • Continuously running water
  • Weak flush
  • Phantom flush
  • Low water levels
  • Slow filling tank

Give us a call today at 970-399-7063 for speedy and professional clogged toilet repair services. We’ll get your toilet working properly again in no time.