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    Radiant-Heating-Installation-Repair-Peterson-Plumbing-Heating-and-Cooling-Grand-Junction_COForced-air furnaces have been the default method of choice for homeowners for decades, but recent improvements in radiant heating systems and the growing understanding that these systems can help you save on your energy bill while staying warm and cozy in your home has led to an increase in popularity.

    What on Earth is Radiant Heating?

    A radiant system uses panels stored within your walls, ceilings, and floors to evenly distribute heat around each room. Because it relies on infrared heat, this system provides you with a similar kind of heat that you would feel when a stove burner is on across the room. As the air rises it becomes warmer, allowing each room to feel cozy and comfortable.

    It Sounds Interesting, But Are There Benefits?

    This form of heating your Grand Junction, CO home is exploding in popularity for a variety of reasons, largely because it is significantly less expensive to run than traditional forced-air heating systems.

    Because there are no ducts required to distribute air from room to room, energy costs are kept low, and no heat is lost during the distribution process, and irritants like dust, dander and bacteria aren’t blown around the house. Additionally, if you choose to have a hydronic liquid-based system installed, your new system will use even less electricity to function, saving you even more.

    An bonus is that each room has a thermostat installed, which means that you and your family can enjoy customized levels of warmth and comfort from room to room.

    How Much Can a New System Help You Save?

    While savings tend to vary from home to home and depend on a variety of factors including the kind of system installed, how many rooms each home has, etc., on average you can expect to save at least 30% on your energy bills.

    This is calculated based on the fact that forced air systems lose an estimated 30% of heated air during the redistribution process, and because radiant systems allow you only to heat certain rooms that are in use. All in all, you could potentially save 30% – 50% on your heating costs each month.

    To find out if this popular system is the right choice for your home call now to speak to one of our technicians for an expert assessment.

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