03 Feb. 16

3 Healthy Habits That Can Have Your Skin Glowing In 2016!

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful, glowing skin? No matter what your age, you can have a healthy glow and look awesome.

Here are a few easy steps you can add to your daily routine to boost the glow factor for your skin.

#1: Dry skin brush. Have you heard of this daily ritual? It’s easy and cheap, and many people swear by it. You need a natural bristle body brush, and you can usually pick one up at the health food store for less than ten bucks. Then, before you shower each day, use the brush in sweeping motions starting at your toes and working your way up your body. Sweep towards your heart and then go ahead with your shower. Many people claim this dry brushing will stimulate your lymph system and exfoliate dead skin, giving your body a fresh glow. Check out www.MindBodyGreen.com under “dry skin brushing” for a nice article on this technique.

#2: Take collagen. Last month we talked about healing bone broth. Well, many experts claim the collagen in bone broth can help your skin be healthier and firmer. Lots of companies make tasteless collagen powders that mix easily with water and other liquids. Find one that works for you and try adding it into your daily routine. (For some interesting reading on this subject go to www.DrAxe.com and search “collagen.”)

#3: Drink your greens. Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you’ve heard all about the benefits of drinking green juices and smoothies. One of the many side effects of drinking the green stuff happens to be giving your skin a nice, healthy glow. (Kris Carr of www.KrisCarr.com is a wonderful resource if you want to get started pursuing your glow this way.)

*Disclaimer: These are just suggestions, I’m not a doctor or health specialist of any kind, so please clear anything your do with your doctor.