26 Oct. 15

2 Great Reasons to Take an Occasional Break from that Smartphone

With the advent of the Smartphone our lives have gotten easier, we can talk, connect, research, pay bills, get entertained, make a dinner reservation, and conduct business all from the palm of our hands.  But, this uber convenience does not come without a price.

Several studies have found that people check their phones from 150-221 times per day.  That is major time suckage that didn’t exist a decade ago.  We know dozens of reasons to pick up our phone but here are 2 great reasons to put it down once in a while.

#1.  Be present.  When you’re with other people, at least some of the time, make it your goal to be present and resist the urge to check statuses, texts, emails, and calls.

#2.  Free yourself.  You don’t have to do any of it.  You can choose to free yourself from checking everyone’s FB and IG posts.  You can choose to live under the radar and not tell the world every move you make.  It can be a freedom you haven’t felt since Facebook took over the world.

Hey I love my phone, too!  But it can’t hurt to take an occasional break.